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bill gates saying in 2019 that vaccines will be a good investment in 2020

DNA ALTERING JABS: As they tell us, viruses mutate. Different strains are created and this is a big reason as to why we don’t have a cure for the common cold for example. The argument here is that since C.V. will “mutate” we would need to take newer and newer jabs multiple times in order to keep up with the mutating virus. This is completely impractical obviously. So in response, they’ve proposed a jab that allows our DNA to “adapt” or mutate alongside C.V. in order to be able to fight newer and newer strands.

The way they are proposing to do this is by creating modified RNA that will then interface with our DNA via Hydrogel technology in order for our DNA to mutate along with the mutating strands. Please watch the video below by Dr. Carrie Madej, she explains this very eloquently. I’ve also linked a few of the major companies that are working on creating “jabs”, all of which have had disastrous human trials by the way.

Do your own research, take responsibility for your life and own your actions. Don’t let someone else do your thinking for you, especially not the mainstream media.

RESOURCES: Moderna | Astrazeneca | Pfizer

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RULES FOR THEE FOR NOT FOR ME: Pfizer CEO says he doesn’t need the stab, how nice for him.


IT’S GOING TO HURT: Watch the linked video below where B. Gates tells us himself that there will be side effects. Immediate side effects mind you, who is to say what the long-term consequences will be for us say 5 to 10 years from now? Are you willing to take an experimental gene therapy when these companies cannot be held liable if something happens to you?


YOUR BODY THEIR CHOICE: They want access to your body and will use manipulative tactics such as coercion, bribery and force to do so. This is “abusive boyfriend” tactics but on a global scale and people are championing this. What’s most mind boggling is the people who shout “my body my choice” are some of their biggest cheerleaders. The word hypocrisy comes to mind here.

BRIBING YOUR KIDS: Yes, this is indeed how far they’re willing to go in order to bend your arm. Just look at this guy, he’s hilarious! Does anyone actually believe this clown?

MORE EXAMPLES OF BRIBERY AND COERCION: Here are but a few examples of manipulation that I have collected. Think about it. When have they cared so much about your health in the past? You’d think they’d pay the fattest nation to eat broccoli and get off the couch if they were serious about health. When gyms were closed and McDonalds remained opened that was a wake up call.

Take the jab and get a free donut.. for your health! Obviously!

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, BLOW DARTS: FDA admin Taylor Lee recommends we blow dart the unjabbed, you heard that right.

HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR SPEAKS THE TRUTH: Don’t believe we’re walking into dangerous territory still? Well hear it from a Holocaust survivor then.

C.V. IS NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH: This is about power and control and you need to wake up now.




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