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EVENT 201:

photograph of event 201 hosted by the world economic forum, johns hopkins center for health security and the bill and melinda gates foundation.

A PANDEMIC SIMULATION: On Friday October 18, 2019, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation conducted a pandemic simulation. I encourage you to take some time to learn about Event 201 and you will see the striking parallels from this event and what we are currently living right now.

twitter post talking about the pervasiveness of censorship

CENSORSHIP: Event 201 primarily discussed on the efficacy of using media outlets to push a global pandemic narrative and explored different methods for censoring alternative media. Those who control the media also control the narrative.

RESOURCES: Event 201 | World Economic Forum


INFLATED NUMBERS: One of the primary methods used to “find” C.V. is the PCR test. I’ve linked below a video interviewing Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test, where he talks about how they can potentially be misinterpreted which can cause an inflation of case numbers. The PCR tests themselves don’t look for C.V. specifically, but instead look for genetic material that everyone already has in their bodies to some degree and for various reasons. I encourage everyone to look further into this and what I am about to share below.

RESOURCES: Dr. Sam Bailey


covid test kits in 2017 from the world integrated trade solution website

C.V. TEST KITS IN 2017: The narrative that we’ve all been told is that C.V. was unforeseen and that our governments needed to take extreme measures in order to ensure our “safety”. But if that is the case, then how where these countries importing C.V. test kits back in 2017? I took a screenshot of the archived page as it’s now been altered heavily. Although I encourage you to take a look at the current version of this page and compare it to the accurate archive version I have linked below.

RESOURCES: C.V. Test Kits in 2017


covid ends in 2025 according to the world bank

C.V. ISN’T GOING AWAY: A big misconception is that C.V. will disappear as months go by but nothing could be further from reality. The truth is that this “situation” is the perfect storm for global restructuring (The Great Reset). You can download the entire PDF below so you can verify this for yourself.

RESOURCES: Download The PDF | World Bank


EVERYONE NOW HAS SHIRONA: When I first learned about the inflation of cases, the wheels began to turn. The liberties that they’re taking in diagnosing C.V. and linking it to cause of death is incredibly baffling. What’s even more shocking is that the real tragedy is not “Shirona” but the amount of suicides, childhood trauma, depression, divorces, household abuse and drug abuse caused by fear propaganda. A pandemic of mental illness caused by the destabilizing of societies social fabric. Where is the outcry for the forgotten?


BE ON GUARD: We’ve been told there will be more to come so don’t allow yourself to mentally “check out” while they work behind the scenes. Educate yourself, get your house in order and be spiritually ready for whatever may come. People fought each other like animals for toilet paper, now imagine if a real pandemic where to hit us in the near future, what would the world look like? Prepare accordingly. For now we can only speculate as to what this could look like so below I share some speculation on what may be rolled out.

ROBOTIC MOSQUITOES: B. Gates tells us plainly (with his signature moronic grin) that there will another pandemic and that this pandemic will be cause for true concern. Again, this goes against what the mainstream media claims, that C.V. was unplanned. I’ve linked below in the resources section an article regarding robotic mosquitoes. Yes, I know… to even state this sounds out of this world and yet the evidence is in our faces. I’ve done the legwork to find the article so please take a look. Interestingly enough, during the same time that these robotic mosquitoes were released, B. Gates posts an eerie video about mosquitoes juxtaposing them with the silhouette of a grim reaper. Could these things relate to Gate’s statements about a second pandemic?

quote from george orwell

5G TECHNOLOGY: Another interesting thing to consider is that a now countless number of doctors have stated that 5G technology has the potential to disrupt our body’s absorption of oxygen molecules (Shortness of breath is a symptom). Could the use of 5G technology be used in lethal measures as a way to convince the population that a deadlier version of C.V. exists? I will do my best in the future to document these findings for a future blog post. In the meantime, please take some time to do further research and protect yourself and your family accordingly. All that I gather tells me that there will be a second pandemic.



a meme about wearing masks

MASKS AS A PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVICE: We all know wearing a mask is nonsense and will not protect us. Wearing a mask however keeps the illusion of global crisis alive in the collective subconscious despite the fact we don’t actually see a pandemic when we look out the window. The masks are a symbol of submission, of psychological control, of conformity to group think.

Only N95 & N99 masks protect us from the small particulates of viruses. Who knew your bandana could save you from the modern black plague, you know the one you haven’t washed since March 2020?

We’re essentially being told to believe in something we know to be false, but are coerced into doing so in order to avoid any social backlash. Psychology tells us that humans are social creatures who deeply value the acceptance from people around us and feel deep discomfort when excluded from a social group. We are essentially a collection of social influences merged into a unique, autonomous individual self.

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: For us to stray from the collective group causes us physical discomfort, a sense of deep cognitive dissonance which propels us to rectify it by either conforming to the group or changing our perception of the group. And I must say, that it is always easier on the psyche to simply conform to the masses. It takes a lot more mental fortitude to actively challenge our current belief systems and forge new ones, especially when we know these new beliefs are not generally deemed acceptable by the collective group.

My call for you is to form your own opinions and forge a deep conviction within yourself to follow your path regardless if the human species as a whole is taking a nose dive into the abyss. This is our time to keep our individuality, in a sea of masks and fear propaganda. Cowardice is easy, bravery is always hard.

RESOURCES: The WHO says don’t wear masks



gavin newsom twitter post about wearing masks in between bites at restaurant in california


FEAR PROPAGANDA: I’ve added a few fear propaganda Tweets so you can know how to identify them. You’d think these are from a humorous Twitter profile, spoofing as the real deal but I kid you not.. this is the world we are walking into. People are being forced into idiocy.

CONFLICTING MESSAGES: Of course, it’s important to note that we’re being inundated with conflicting messages which are causing people to lose faith in their common sense. Defeated and destroyed, people forfeit themselves to whatever the media tell them.

People delegate their intelligence to those who get paid to lie to them. This is called Social Engineering. We are being subjected to forced cognitive dissonance. We’re taught to call evil good and good evil. We’re taught to think of the abnormal as healthy and the healthy as abnormal.

world health organization tell us to not wear masks

World Health Organization back in March 2020




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